time offer!!!

Effective immediately we are offering a $30k split sign-on bonus for pre-made teams and $12k split sign-on bonus for anyone being paired up.


The future
driving is
team driving.

Our drivers get the best team pay in the nation! On top of that, they get top priority on loads, and drive trucks that are 2019 or newer. Not to mention HUGE mileage incentives up to an extra 14 CPM!

Don't have a driving partner? We have a customized program that matches you to someone who shares your interests, career goals, lifestyle, and more. After that, your team can hit the road and start earning up to $165,000 or more!

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What kind of earnings
can you expect?


With only 3 months of CDL A experience your
team can earn up to $165,000+ a year!

When you join us as a team partner, our team match recruiter partners you with another driver who shares interests, lifestyles, and driving goals. This process usually takes 7 days or less. After that, the open road is your office, where you and your teammate can start earning industry-leading pay. 3 Months CDL experience is all you need to get started.

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More experience, more money.
More miles, even more!
OTR Teams Earn $165,000+!

As you gain experience your pay keeps growing. When your over the road
team runs more miles, it grows even more.

Limited time offer effective immediately we are offering a
$30k split sign-on bonus for pre-made teams and
$12k split sign-on bonus for anyone being paired up.

Months of Experience All Miles - Per Mile (Split)
0 - 3 Months 0.56
3 -6 Months 0.6
7 - 12 Months 0.61
13 - 24 Months 0.62
25 - 36 Months 0.63
37 - 60 Months 0.64
61 - 120 Months 0.65
> 120 Months 0.66

Match your experience level to the left and add this
bonus pay on top for the miles you run. It grows fast!

2 cents/mile

6 cents/mile

10 cents/mile

14 cents/mile


Per Hazmat Load Split — Add On +$150

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We pair you with the ideal driver partner.

At U.S. Xpress, we created a special program just to pair up solo drivers to take the worry out of matching up. With only 3 months of professional CDL experience, we can get you partnered and seated in as little as 3 days with another driver.



How does it work?

Partner+Match pairs you with the ideal driver. You’ll be interviewed for personal preferences, location needs, and many other factors so you’re paired to perfection.

For example, women drivers often are more comfortable with women as their partner and we hear you. We’ll never force you into anything you’re not 100% comfortable with and will work hard to ensure you and your partner are a great match.

You and your partner get
impressive benefits.

Avg. 5,000 miles weekly or more
Scheduled and/or designated routes available
Full Ride college tuition program
Always drive newest trucks 2019-2020
Mileage incentive up to an additional 14 CPM
Doubles endorsement = more money!
Shop priority
Hazmat Teams earn $150 extra per Hazmat load
Teams get top priority on loads
Medical, Dental, Vision & 401K Match

80% of drivers get seated in 3 days
or less!

Driving time really is money.
We get it.

Waiting time is something no driver ever wants to hear about. We’ve overhauled our onboarding process from start to finish so we can get you seated and driving in three days or less, with nothing to get in the way of you earning as fast as possible.

Already have a driving partner?
Welcome to U.S. Xpress.

We offer the perfect opportunity for team drivers to build the life and career they’ve always dreamed of. From our new best-in-class 80 CPM team rate to comprehensive insurance and retirement plans as well as brand new equipment and our exciting Full Ride college tuition program, U.S. Xpress has it all.

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Typical doubles team earnings.

How much can you and your driving partner really earn? Say you've been driving doubles for 6 years and averaging 5,500 miles per week. That puts you at 22K miles per month. At your rate of 75 CPM, your average take-home is $198,000/split! On top of that, you also get a 34-hour reset with dedicated doubles. That’s a big take home and an even bigger reason to be a doubles driver at U.S. Xpress. Don't have your Doubles certification yet? No problem. Getting certified is simple and we’ll help you.

Our expert fleet managers have your back.

An incredible CPM is just half the story to earning the life-changing money you want. In addition to driving for a strong company with plenty of freight, you need fleet managers with plenty of team experience and compassion. We are one of the largest carriers in the nation and we make sure you have fleet managers you can count on.

Straight pay really pays off for teams at U.S. Xpress.

Mary and Bill are a husband and wife team with over 2 years of experience. With Straight Pay, they’ll start out at 62 CPM. If they run over 5,000 miles per week, that will put them over 21K miles per month and give them an extra 2 CPM on every mile they run that month. At that rate, they will take home $161,280/split. With Straight Pay, we reward you for the miles you run. It really is that simple.